Demand Works provides a complete range of integration, training and software support services so businesses can fully leverage our sales and operations planning software technologies. We employ?consultants with outstanding business, operations, forecasting, project management and technical skills.


As a global solution provider, the majority of our implementations are handled remotely with online meetings. Demand Works also offers on-site consulting services in the United States and Canada, and in some other parts of the world through consulting partners. In addition to paid training services, our customers have free access to excellent documentation and a full library of self-paced training materials and tutorials.

Software Support

Software maintenance and support services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Demand Works requires one year of maintenance support with each software sale. We are constantly innovating and developing new functionality and our customers enjoy many of the benefits of this R&D in addition to the provided support and advice.

Integration Services

Smoothie was designed to plug in easily with corporate data. In addition, Demand Work offers pre-built connectors for a growing number of ERP platforms (see ERP Connectors). As you would expect, our hundreds of customers use many different ERPs and we’re highly skilled with transporting and transforming data to meet customers’ unique requirements regardless of the chosen ERP platform.