Demand Works offers cloud, server, and desktop solutions for forecasting, demand & inventory planning, finite capacity planning and S&OP. Our solutions are available in six languages, and they center around proprietary analytic technologies like Pivot Forecasting? and Pivot Planning? that enable unrivaled flexibility, performance, and visibility.

Cloud Smoothie?

Cloud Smoothie is the shortest path to world class planning. We offer the full range of sales and operations planning functionality on our cloud, and you can easily scale up to handle hundreds of thousands or even millions of planning items. It’s tightly integrated and automated, but it’s modular as well, so you can start out with forecasting and extend into inventory optimization or finite capacity planning as your company matures. Cloud Smoothie?is a monthly SaaS subscription and you can access it securely from any leading web browser.


Smoothie Server?is the same as Cloud Smoothie, but we install it on your server. It’s easily integrated with your ERP, and deploys seamlessly to scores of users.

Smoothie? Desktop

Smoothie Desktop?is an easy and affordable desktop solution for forecasting and demand planning. It’s intuitive to use, and you can start quickly with existing spreadsheet data.

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