Global Distributor of Printing Products Scales with Smoothie

S-One started in 1994 with just five team members. Today, it employs over 150 people in five district business units and operates in 22 countries around the world. As a distributor of specialty paper and printing supplies, S-One provides a wide range of products globally, planning thousands of items in 42 global stocking locations.

With rapid growth, the number of items and stock keeping locations increased exponentially. Having successfully completed their NetSuite OneWorld implementation, S-One went looking for world class forecasting and inventory optimization tools. They found Cloud Smoothie on SuiteApp, NetSuite’s marketplace for solutions with certified “Built for NetSuite” integrations.

Why Cloud Smoothie?

S-One had achieved success with an agile and lean infrastructure. However, as the number of SKU-locations increased, it was becoming increasingly difficult for their materials managers to assure optimal inventory levels.

They didn’t have any difficulty justifying a best in class inventory optimization solution. S-One had millions of dollars in inventory spread over 42 global warehouses, and their business strategy was built on supply chain excellence. The company was expecting continued rapid growth, and they needed to make sure the growth would be achieved with continued high levels of service and inventory turnover.

Cloud Smoothie had an impressive track record with hundreds of other global manufacturers and distributors, and its scalability and functionality stood above the other solutions, but the thing that stood out was their commitment to their customers’ success and willingness to listen to S-One’s unique requirements.

“We met with Demand Works at NetSuite’s annual SuiteWorld conference. They were a mature and capable business, but we were a little concerned since their relationship with NetSuite was relatively new. However, it was obvious to us that we weren’t going to be just another number. The Demand Works team took time to understand our company and our needs, and it didn’t hurt that their president had previously worked in the paper business,” said Jason Metnick, EVP of Global Operations at S-One.

Inventory Optimization & Visibility

S-One forecasts demand weekly and plans replenishments through a multi-tiered supply network. Product demand can be highly variable, and orders and transfers are executed daily. It’s a dynamic planning environment, and purchase orders and transfers are uploaded to NetSuite throughout each day.

“Forecast accuracy has improved since we implemented Cloud Smoothie. I feel much more confident that we have the right materials in the right places, and at the right time. But Cloud Smoothie hasn’t just improved our inventory planning. It’s also given me great visibility. As I’ve become more familiar with the system, I’ve been pleased to see how easy it is to quickly summarize demand, purchases and inventories by warehouse, supplier, or customer”, said Brandon Mankovich, S-One’s Director of Materials Management.

Unique Challenges

One major challenge was the sheer volume of items and locations to be planned. Because of the dimensional nature of many of their items, S-One had over 8,000 unique items. Planning for that many items in 42 global locations was a significant challenge. “A key requirement was the ability to handle complexity. We have an unusually complex supply chain, with transfers often occurring between different subsidiaries (and countries), as well as within a single subsidiary. In NetSuite, transactions within or between companies need to be handled differently. Demand Works listened carefully to these and other requirements, and their team was engaged and totally committed to our success”, said Mankovich.

About S-One

S-One Holdings Corporation is a global holding company headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., that oversees a number of subsidiary companies: ABAQA, Avatrex, Brand Management Group, LexJet and Utopia Digital Technologies. S-One owns the brand names of Avatrex?, Craft Attitude?, LexJet? and Sunset?.

S-One’s subsidiaries and brands are known throughout the graphics and media industries for the research, development, manufacturing, sale and distribution of products for imaging and design professionals worldwide. S-One is the exclusive licensee for Fredrix wide-format inkjet canvas, HP Large Format Printing Materials, KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media, and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Media.

About Demand Works

Originally founded in 1993 as Advanced Planning Systems, Demand Works provides demand and supply planning solutions that deliver large-scale improvements in forecast accuracy, coordination and asset management. Demand Works is exclusively focused on the areas of forecasting, demand and supply planning, and S&OP, and we support hundreds of companies throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world. The solutions are currently available in six languages, and customers include manufacturers and distributors of many well-recognized household brands as well as countless industrial and other manufactured goods.